FINTECH, the landscape

The given article will cover FINTECH and will provide the readers with a brief overview of how FinTech’s evolved, the meaning of Fintech, the scope of fintech, and lastly Fintech in India.

Fintech as we now are a very recent emergence of the use of technology in the field of finance. However, the idea of Fintech is nothing new, Fintech is said to have started 150 years ago and is largely divided into 3 major periods by most literature. The earliest found is 1886–1967, during this period the financial system as we know it now was being…

New Institutional economics is a branch of economics which forces neoclassical economics to address the interdependence of human institutions- both social and economic. These interdependence take a form of a helping hand in every transaction that we make. The new institutional economics deals with these underlying facilitators which make economic exchanges possible. These exchanges usually have a lot more attached to them than just the production cost and the cost of the actual exchange. The unrealized costs that we are paying for are addressed in with the help of Transaction costs.

For a student like me, entertainment takes a priority…


This article examines the extent to which the opinions of young adults concerning the partition of the Indian Union are influenced exclusively by history education provided by the schools, and the extent to which these evaluations mediate in perceiving the whole issue, among a representative sample of 70 young students in the Ahmedabad (considered only students of GSEB). Furthermore, the effects of family background, social status and other variables are almost completely eliminated.

Impact of education on student’s opinion

Textbook represents the education that is provided to the highly impressionable kids. It leaves a massive impact on the kids and their opinions in the beginning years…

official logo of RStudio

R Studio is a free IDE(integrated development environment: something that lets software engineers and programmers develop programmed with ease.) for the programming language R. It consists of various packages such as tidyverse, shiny, Rmarkdown , packrat etc are essentially just bundles of codes which makes it easier to code.

When you open R studio you see a screen like


Aristotle is said to be one of the greatest thinkers and philosophers of his time. Works of Aristotle has been studied and evaluated all over the world for its philosophy and logic. His works are said to be the base on which many subjects such as science, psychology, reasoning, politics were created.

Aristotle was born in Stagira of Macedonia, in northern Greece. He was the son of the physician of Amyntas III, the king of Macedonia. He received much of his know how from his teacher Plato and his works were constantly overshadowed by him. …

Business Analytics: the works!

With increasing dependence on the technology, the data that is streaming on the web increases too, many saw this as a problem of data… others saw this as an opportunity to dive into the mass data and figure out patterns, trends and the whole course of human activities. Business houses do not have to rely on assumptions and guess works anymore, we can identify people’s wants and choices and know what they eat, wear, watch and do. …

Milounee Purohit

Student of economics.

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